I’m a software developer from Spain. I find fun in munging data from the Internet and building things upon it. You can find my open source contributions as vibragiel on GitHub. I tweet as @vibragiel. You can also reach me on the fediverse at @gabi@gabi.is or e-mail me at gabi@gabi.is.

My dearest pet project is Iedra, perhaps the most advanced online tool for delving into the Spanish language from a linguistics perspective.

Some other toys and random content I made are pythex, a quick way to test python regular expressions; Covarrubias, an ongoing handcrafted transcription of the Tesoro de Covarrubias (the first Spanish dictionary); ipsofacto.org, a beautiful showcase of film cinemagraphs found on the web; Covarrubiator, a toy to translate modern Spanish to Golden Age Spanish style.